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Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza $9.95
Coupon Code: M0 Savings of $6.05!
2 Small 2 Topping Pizza Special $10.95
2 Small Cheese Pizza with 2 Topping on Each
Chicken and Steak Excluded
Coupon Code: M1 Savings of $6.50!
Small Chicken Tender Special $11.95
Small Cheese Pizza with Small (1 lb.) Chicken Tenders
Pizza Toppings Extra Charge
Coupon Code: M3 Savings of $4.15!
Free 2 lt Pepsi or Small Cheese Pizza
With any 2 Plates
Coupon Code: M6 Savings of $7.00!
2 Large Pizza Special
2 Large Pizza, Get a Free Small 2 Topping Pizza with 2lt Pepsi
Coupon Code: M8 Savings of $11.75!
Large Pizza with Wings or Tenders $22.95
Large pizza with 22 Piece wings or 2 lbs of Tenders
Pizza Toppings are Extra Charge
Coupon Code: M9 Savings of $7.00!
2 Large Pizzas
Two large cheese pizza & two 2 liter pepsi.
Coupon Code: M2 Savings up to $8.50!
Free 2 Liter Soda
Buy any 2 foot long cold cuts $6.55 each and get a 2 liter soda for FREE.
Coupon Code: M12B 
Free Small (10”) Cheese Pizza
Buy any 2 foot long cold cuts $6.55 each and get a small cheese pizza FREE.
Coupon Code: M12 
Lunch Specials
Monday - Friday: 11am - 2pm
Foot Long Sub, Fries, 20oz. Pepsi
Calzone & 20oz. Pepsi
Cheeseburger Plate & Any 2 Sides
Buffalo Tender Plate & Any 2 Sides
Small Cheese, Fries, 20oz. Pepsi
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